Monday, February 25, 2008

Snow-shoeing on Saturday!

I may be able to get a few more from another friend.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sweethearts 2008

Ethan's Eagle Court of Honor

giving my honorary speech...

Grandma Kartchner presenting my Eagle!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hello? How do you post things on the main Kartchner Klan blog page?
Looks to me like you figured it out Ethan, but I sent you another email.

Font Color

Hey Keriann, can you fix the font color? I don't know if it's just my computer but some of the links on the blog don't show up until I drag my mouse across them. Thanks.
After the pajama dance, I don't know about Sam, but Emma and Mattie definitely have career options.
Taylor can fly too.
Our little Waldos
With all that snow, who needs a resort? This is the hike out our back door.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This was Dan's method - unbeknownst to me - of how to get Brianna to eat. War of attrition.
In Vegas, I came across "The Rock". He said we could take a picture, but didn't expect me to do this.
Dan had a random tee time with some big wig golfers.
The Goodricks enjoying the awesome and surreal view of the Grand Canyon - my first!
Today the twins fell asleep in their bouncer as they often do, but their mutual enjoyment was too cute to pass up. Allison woke up with this expression on her face.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wendy Loving Key Lime Pie

Burning Rubber & Climbing trees in the Caribbean

Wendy and I took a Cruise with the Bradys (since none of you would come with us) and soaked up the sun in the Caribbean. It was really nice to be in 85 degree weather.

Snow in Idaho?

We have been loving this new white stuff on the ground in Idaho. We haven't seen it here for a long time. On Chloe's B-Day we went snow-shoeing with the Becks, and yesterday on President's Day we went sleding in Idaho City.

Pajama Dance

Tom is always looking for fun ways to put the kids to bed. This one was so good I just had to video tape it. Hope it's "clean" enough for you all.

Moustache contest!

January was national moustache month so all the flight surgeons in Tom's class had contest. Here is Tom, kind of toward the beginning.

This was the end of the month, with a shaved head to help the whole moustache look. We called it a food catcher b/c it was so prickly. He has since shaved it, but it sure was fun while it lasted.

He Shaved it the next day.