Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day!

This is one of those days you dream about. School closed. Dad stayed home from work. Four inches new snow!

We started the day off with Mickey Mouse Pancacks. Mattie made this one herself.
Then we went sledding with the neighbors. Even Hazel went.
(Emma and Mattie are the two kids there, and if you look closely you will see me w/Hazel, the rest of those are neighbors whom you don't know, but they'd give you some figgy pudding if you asked ;-)
The video is of Sam who decided to start going down all by
himself after about the fourth attempt. Really, it's quite brave of him.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunting 2008

We headed out for our annual Christmas Tree hunt this weekend. There wasn't much snow, so we could drive pretty far in and found some great trees fast.

Taylor measuring his tree.

William and Kenny hauling our tree out.

Carrying all the trees up the hill.

Jerome and Chloe holding hands helping each other to the truck.

Anne and Grandpa waiting in the truck.

Jerome, William, Anne, and Chloe finishing up their hot chocolate.

Funny Video

This was posted on Laura's blog and is a friend of hers. Tom and i laughed pretty hard so thought you guys might like it as well. And I think someone in our family could come up with some pretty good stories like this as well. ;-)