Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ethan's run

which one of these runs is better?

All in a days work

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Camping in the rain

We went camping last weekend, and tried to dodge the rain as best we could. We spent a lot of time in the tent and went to bed pretty early.Hiding from the rain in our tent.

Playing bubbles at our campsite. The ground was wet, so the bubbles wouldn't pop until the kids stepped on them.

We finally got a fire going in the morning, so we could do some s'mores. After watching me and Kenny stoke the fire by blowing on it, Anne kept trying to blow on it, too.

Kenny and Will making some s'mores for breakfast.

The sun finally came out and we went hiking in our NY t-shirts.
When Jerome saw his shirt, he pointed to the words and tried to figure it out. I told him it said, "I love New York." He still didn't understand the New York part, and looked at the shirt kind of funny. I then told him the shirt was from Uncle Jordan. His face lit up and he said pointing to the words on his shirt, "I love Uncle Jordan." So we are wearing "I love Uncle Jordan" shirts.

Settlers Park in Meridian

Wendy and I met at Settlers Park to let the kids play. We were hoping it wouldn't rain, and the morning turned out pretty nice.

Anne and Sophie sharing snacks.

Anne finally was brave enough to get her hands wet.

Will and Chloe couldn't resist the water and ran through some of the fountains. Wendy and I were debating if the temperature had gotten up in the 60s yet.

More Pictures, Ok, a lot of pictures.

Princess of the castle.

Mattie's first sunburn, and a picture from our girls excursion, we are the Back Seat.


Mattie's hair cut.

Sam doing what comes natural. Fog at the beach. We love this beach, it's the most California like beach we have found up here.

Shopping with Sam and Hazel.

Anniversary Flowers. I'm married to the most thoughtful man.

Our first fruits from the garden. Ok, fruit, it was just the spinach.