Thursday, March 13, 2008

Costa Rica

100 Thanks to Paul and Cami. I think our kids want to trade their parents in for the new and improved Aunt and Uncle.

Man vs Nature

Another swimming hole

Great Camping Spot

Our Swimming Pool in Montezuma

Soccer Game: Notice the Box Seats

Playa Samara


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Itinerary

March 26th & 27th packers and movers move us!

March 28th Tom graduates (gets his "wings") and then we drive to Orlando, where we get to PARTY!!! Are you not all jealous?

April 2nd We drive back here basically.

April 3rd We will go to Meridian, MS to visit Tom's aunt and uncle.

Now you are really going to be jealous:
April 4th we drive to Dallas (6 hours)

April 5th we'll be in Amarillo, TX (10 hours) Why the heck is Texas so BIG! And we will hang out here and listen to conference and learn about cowboys and indians.

April 7th We drive to Moab. We will meet Tom's parents there and go to Arches National park on April 8th.

April 9th We drive to American Fork where we hang out and don't get in the car for a few days.

April 14th we will be in Meridian where we hang out again and let Dad drive the kids around without seatbelts as that is all they can talk about (oh, and play with Marshall)
---us parents would like to hang out with everyone there. Shall we plan a night out or a party night?

April 17th We drive to Oak Harbor, look for a house, and all that FUN stuff.
(Okay, so this was supposed to be really cool with all the images in the right spot, but i couldn't figure that out. Anybody give me a hint?)
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Friday, March 7, 2008

So this is about our 7th game of settlers this week. This one was especially good because we decided to play to 15 with 4 players and without the expansion set. This was also especially good because we were at a stand still...All of the developement cards were used and Cami was at 14 points with no more room to build or any buildings to upgrade, she was Orange. Holland had 13 points but was also in the same position as Cami, he was Blue. Cate was Red and won our original game to 10 but she was quickly left behind after she was completely boxed in with nowhere to go and nothing to upgrade...If you look closely you can see all of the random roads that she built just to get rid of her cards. I (Paul) was silver colored and only had 11 points when I drew the last developement card victory point (there are extra cities and settlements in the picture that I didn't have yet but to show what I could have done given the time). I was the only one that had any room to do anything so I told them that we could stop now if everyone admitted and hailed me as the UNDISPUTED CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! They refused to submit to my glory and Cami said that I couldn't do it because none of them would trade with me...but with enough time I could have made it. We just stopped after a while and now we are watching "Annie" Keriann, eh, eh, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Anyway just thought you all would enjoy knowing about our intense games of Settlers. And don't tell Mark and Marianne their kids are still up.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Okay lets see if this one works...Paul sledding jump take 2

Sledding jump