Friday, October 31, 2008

Gay approval

So, I've just been thinking (a lot) about the upcoming elections so feel free to disregard this outpouring of opinion. I hope it doesn't come across as bigoted.
A major issue here in CA is Proposition 8 which says, "The state of CA will recognize marriage only between a man and a woman". As of right now, gay people have the exact same rights as married people. They can even get a civil union. The only thing they stand to gain from this amendment to the constitution not passing is approbation and ability to adopt easier.

If it doesn't pass, the majority of the people who are not gay or lesbians, will lose freedoms. Churches they belong to will lose their tax exempt status if they don't allow same-sex marriages. This could cause many churches to close, some will lose the freedom of going to their church. They will lose the right to explain to their children - at a time they deem appropriate - what "gay" means (sexual preference) and why they do/don't believe in it. Same-sex marriage will have to be taught as equal as traditional marriage, starting as early as kindergarten. Now religious people have quiet differences from those who are gay or support the gays. If Prop 8 doesn't pass, the law will require all federal organizations to push their lack of morals on everyone else. Having chosen a partner with whom procreation is impossible, I think they should have to accept the consequences. There is no research proving that people are "born gay"; one study showed it's a psychological disease like schizophrenia.
The fact that the gay community is so determined to gain approval from what is mainly the religious community - a community very few gays are members of for the obvious reason Christians see sodomy as a sin - makes me question what they themselves think of their abnormal sexual behavior. If they don't think what they're doing is wrong, why do they want everyone to accept it? If they think it's O.K., why can't they just live with quiet certitude that they're different and that's O.K.? It's fine if they want to live that way; it just bugs me they want everyone to accept, not just tolerate, what they do in their bedroom. It seems to me they gain very little whereas the majority will lose immeasurably. I see this as expanding the pleasure-seeking and rationalization that is rampantly growing out of control. They already have the freedom to be gay whereas we, meaning the majority, will lose many freedoms.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's been awhile, and thank you for your guesses and support! As I'm sure you know, I will be serving in the Mexico, Mexico City East Mission for the next 2 yrs. starting Jan. 21! Here's a couple of pictures to show ya first hand. It's nice to know I've been born into such a wonderful family.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ethan May be getting his mission call today so we wanted to get in on the lottery:

Cami ($1): Japan
Paul ($1): Asia (I guess Brianna and I are the only smart ones choosing WHOLE continents): but I guess if I had to narrow it down a little I would have to say Thailand.
Katelynn ($1): She says "Ai yi" which means "aunt" in Chinese so I guess she is saying China

-We will be using Paypal to pay for these guesses, or since Mark and Marianne have been so lucky to handle some things for us in the states you can just get it from them :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Our guess for Ethan's mission call

Andrea: Dominican Republic
Kenny: Finland
William: Disneyland (California)
Jerome: Montana
Anne: Italy

William's Broken Arm

We finally had our first broken bone. William was helping Grandpa put up the Halloween decorations. They were moving some haybales with the truck to the front of the driveway. William said Grandpa was taking a short cut and the hay started to fall. William fell off onto his hands and knees. But the hay didn't stop falling and fell on top of William's right arm. Grandma was hoping it wasn't really broken, but the x-ray showed a clean, straight break that should heal quick. As soon as we walked into the hospital, William started crying about not getting shots. He had just gotten his kindergarten shots earlier in October. Every nurse and doctor he saw he asked if they were going to give him a shot. He finally got an IV so they could give him morphine before putting on the splint. It took 4 tries to get the IV in his arm because he wiggled too much. With a broken arm and an IV, he couldn't bend his arms and his nose kept itching, so we had to scratch it for him. But when he was done, he got a couple suckers and a trip to McDonalds.

William in the ER after getting his splint on.

Ready to go home with his sling!

Finally found a shirt to fit for church.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Where is Eman going?

Dan -($1) Florida, USA
Kelli - ($1) Russia
Allison ($1) Pacific Islands
Brianna($1) Africa


Ethan's Mission Call Lottery

Hey, Let's do the lottery on here, just so we can all coordinate and sees where Eph is going. Just post it in the comments or do a new post.

Taylor-($1) England
Sophie-($1)The Philippines

Emma & Mattie-($2) France
Sam- ($1) Vancouver Canada
Tom- ($1) Ontario Canada
Keriann- ($1) Everett Washington

Mark - ($1) Australia
Marianne - ($1) Atlanta GA
Holland - ($1) Brazil
Cate - ($1) Russia
Caleb - ($1) South Africa
Taylor - ($1) Viva Costa Rica

Anyone can participate.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Coming Home From School

As I learned this weekend, I find great joy when others are hurt because they find themselves in precarious situations. Like when Taylor fell down the spiral stairs with a cast on b/c he couldn't catch himself and when Robin tried to do a front flip and ended up landing on her face spread eagle b/c she backed out at the last minute. I laugh every time I think of those things.

So this afternoon I was taking a shower (finally) and I thought about Mattie coming home from school and I was laughing my head off (the girls have to walk about a half mile from the bus stop). So I had to take some pictures to share with you. For some of you this may be reminiscent of Ethan coming home from school.

Coming up the steps:

I love her face in this one.

AHHH Sweet Relief......

Tell me if you laughed as well.