Monday, October 20, 2008

William's Broken Arm

We finally had our first broken bone. William was helping Grandpa put up the Halloween decorations. They were moving some haybales with the truck to the front of the driveway. William said Grandpa was taking a short cut and the hay started to fall. William fell off onto his hands and knees. But the hay didn't stop falling and fell on top of William's right arm. Grandma was hoping it wasn't really broken, but the x-ray showed a clean, straight break that should heal quick. As soon as we walked into the hospital, William started crying about not getting shots. He had just gotten his kindergarten shots earlier in October. Every nurse and doctor he saw he asked if they were going to give him a shot. He finally got an IV so they could give him morphine before putting on the splint. It took 4 tries to get the IV in his arm because he wiggled too much. With a broken arm and an IV, he couldn't bend his arms and his nose kept itching, so we had to scratch it for him. But when he was done, he got a couple suckers and a trip to McDonalds.

William in the ER after getting his splint on.

Ready to go home with his sling!

Finally found a shirt to fit for church.

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T K Barlow said...

Poor William, please tell him we love him and give him a big hug from all of us. "I wish I were there to see it." Says Emma (so empathetic eh?) and "I'm sorry that that happened, I wish I could give you a present and a big hug and a big heart, from Emma."

Mattie says "I love you, I miss youuuuuuu, I wish you were with us, I hope you are safe with the broken arm. from Mattie."