Friday, October 31, 2008

Gay approval

So, I've just been thinking (a lot) about the upcoming elections so feel free to disregard this outpouring of opinion. I hope it doesn't come across as bigoted.
A major issue here in CA is Proposition 8 which says, "The state of CA will recognize marriage only between a man and a woman". As of right now, gay people have the exact same rights as married people. They can even get a civil union. The only thing they stand to gain from this amendment to the constitution not passing is approbation and ability to adopt easier.

If it doesn't pass, the majority of the people who are not gay or lesbians, will lose freedoms. Churches they belong to will lose their tax exempt status if they don't allow same-sex marriages. This could cause many churches to close, some will lose the freedom of going to their church. They will lose the right to explain to their children - at a time they deem appropriate - what "gay" means (sexual preference) and why they do/don't believe in it. Same-sex marriage will have to be taught as equal as traditional marriage, starting as early as kindergarten. Now religious people have quiet differences from those who are gay or support the gays. If Prop 8 doesn't pass, the law will require all federal organizations to push their lack of morals on everyone else. Having chosen a partner with whom procreation is impossible, I think they should have to accept the consequences. There is no research proving that people are "born gay"; one study showed it's a psychological disease like schizophrenia.
The fact that the gay community is so determined to gain approval from what is mainly the religious community - a community very few gays are members of for the obvious reason Christians see sodomy as a sin - makes me question what they themselves think of their abnormal sexual behavior. If they don't think what they're doing is wrong, why do they want everyone to accept it? If they think it's O.K., why can't they just live with quiet certitude that they're different and that's O.K.? It's fine if they want to live that way; it just bugs me they want everyone to accept, not just tolerate, what they do in their bedroom. It seems to me they gain very little whereas the majority will lose immeasurably. I see this as expanding the pleasure-seeking and rationalization that is rampantly growing out of control. They already have the freedom to be gay whereas we, meaning the majority, will lose many freedoms.

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Kenny&Co said...

Thanks, Kelli. I appreciate having more details about these issues. People in our stake were asked to do phone calls to CA to ask people to support the Proposition. I was wondering why it was so important and why the Church was pushing so hard on this. Thanks for your comments.