Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Bathtub Story

I have always prided myself that I do not bathe my kids everyday. Well, besides stinky kids and teaching questionable hygiene habits I have discovered another disadvantage to my pride.

Sam, Hazel and I were at someone's house for a women's luncheon. Another woman was there who brought her three year old daughter. Sam and Amy played together the whole time, running around and making themselves at home. When it came time to leave, I searched the whole house looking for Sam. I finally found him in the bathtub, with Amy--taking a bath. Both stripped down, turned on the water, plugged the tub and took a bath.

If you can't get it at home, where else can you go?

Friday, January 23, 2009


Can everyone post their pictures from Christmas. We once again did not take any pictures. Thanks Taylor and Wendy

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Soft Silky Hair

A conversation I had last night as I was getting Emma (the last) out of the tub. Having just washed it with conditioner (which isn't an everyday norm) she was rubbing it on her face and neck.

Emma: "Oh, this feels so good, it's so soft. Mom, you gotta try this."
Mom: Emma, I wash my hair with conditioner everyday.
Emma: Conditioner and pee?
Mom: Pee, who peed in the tub?
Emma: Me and Mattie.
Mom: You both peed in the tub?
Emma: Yes
Mom: Do you always pee in the tub?
Emma: Well, sometimes we plan it.
Mom: So you pee together in the tub? Thats disgusting.
Emma: No it's not.
Mom: Yes Emma, it is. Why do you think we pee in toilets and wash our hands afterwards?
Emma: Because it's dirty?
Mom: Yes, now will you pee in the tub?
Emma: uh, no.

I guess the worst part about it, is I didn't make them all get back in and take another bath. Now whos the disguting one?