Sunday, May 4, 2008

"May Day" is a big holiday here, I think it is the equivalent of our "Labor Day" everybody used to take a whole week off for it, but it keeps getting less and less. Now most companies take 1 or 2 days off. My factory took one day off (a Thursday), so we went exploring. We found two different temples. The first one kind of toward the top of a mountain, and the other (more remote) amongst mountains covered in really tall bamboo trees-really beautiful. On our way to the second temple in the bamboo forest we just turned off the beaten path onto a really small trail that just took off into the jungle and straight up a mountain. Then we came back down. The bottom of our hike in the bamboo forrest. There is a little cottage in the back, and I have a sweet bamboo staff that I found and was a lot of help climbing up the mountain. A monk at this other temple in the middle of the bamboo forrest and Katelynn. They are in front of a big god there in the back.
A sweet picture
The other side of the above picture. There is a little waterfall off to the right that you can't see.
Us and the monk and a random Chinese dude that looks like he is our best friend (especially the monks').

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Taylor said...

That's great you guys are exploring the country and seeing cool stuff, thanks for putting great pictures for us to see.