Monday, March 30, 2009

Claire and Seattle

Sorry, mom asked me to give the family an update on some of my past activities. So here you go...
Guess who?? Mom and i went to this sweet aquarium in Seattle. it was so big and pretty fascinating

Me playing the harp for the talent portion of Jr. Miss.

My sweet date and I. We had dinner, a dance and games all at our house.

My Sweet Heart girls group cooking
My fitness for Jr. Miss.
One of the weddings i played over the summer.

Kazakistans who stayed with us during the Special Olympics

My date Josh and Sadies group.


Robin said...

Hi Claire, you cutie-patootie. What's the Jr. Miss thing you are doing?

Mom & Dad said...

oh, in march i signed up for the boise jr. miss pageant. we had five catagories we had to participate in. i didn't place but learned a lot and had a lot of fun!

Goodricks said...

You look super cute in all the pictures, but I especially like the one where you're playing the harp for Miss America and the Sadies pictures. You're very photogenic!