Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cutting down our HUGE tree

This is the tree we wanted to cut down in our backyard.

Kenny is up in the tree and Dad (Richard) is down pulling on the life line connected to Kenny's safety harness.

Jordan up in the tree...

...way up in the tree

Kenny scaling the branches to tie them off.

Kenny up in the tree.
The one mishap as the branch hits the shed. There was a rope tied to the end of the branch, and Taylor, Jordan, and Joe would pull the branch as it fell and miss the shed. But pulling as hard as they could didn't move it enough.

This is the last trunk to go down. Jordan is at the bottom trying to get the last few inches cut. The top of the tree is tied off to our big truck, so the tree doesn't fall the wrong way. This video doesn't capture the terror we all felt as we watched Jordan sawing away at the tree and hoped it wasn't about to crush him.

Jordan conquers all!!

Thanks to Jordan, Dad, and Taylor for coming and helping cut down this tree.

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