Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Allison's true love

The story of how casual bath toys - a frog and a duck - became more. One day, Allison was playing with the duck and Brianna wanted it. Dan suggested Brianna get the frog. It was at that moment Allison realized she liked the frog better than the duck, better than her pink bear, better than all the animals. She loved Mr. Frog. She let out a guttural, "NO!" and ran, chubby legs pumping her as fast as they could, arms flailing wildly, screaming, "MY FOG"! to claim her frog. They have been nearly inseperable ever since. She changes his diaper frequently (see pic), asks if he's O.K., if he's having fun, worries about him not wearing socks when it's cold, tries to feed him, the usual mom stuff. (Except when she abandons him for hours on end). He is the first thing she asks about in the morning and the last thing she clamours for at night. I think it's his winning perma-smile.

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