Sunday, April 4, 2010

Installing our hardwood floor

This was spring break, so we decided to put in our hardwood floor since our lives fall apart when our kitchen falls apart.

Monday and Tuesday
Kenny is using the finish nail gun to install the hardwood over the tar paper. He couldn't use the flooring nail gun since it was too close to the island.

Kenny using the floor nail gun on the hardwood. The gun got everything tight and close together and made the floor look great. We only wanted to rent the gun for one day, so we stayed up until 2 am trying to get as far as we could.
After the floor was in, we put wood filler in the cracks and deformities to make the floor uniform. William liked helping with this part and did a great job.

Wednesday and Thursday
We decided to hand sand the floor instead of renting a sander since we had a pretty small floor. Kenny rotated between the electric sander and just a block of wood with sandpaper. Taylor came over and helped us finish it up.

After we sanded and washed the floor, we could stain it. William liked to help us with this, too. The color was a little darker than we expected, but we love the color and it works well with our carpet color, too.

While we were painting, we were trying hard not to spill the paint. But William got up to move and kicked over the stain. Kenny and I just moved as quick as we could and got it all spread out. Disaster averted!

Finally we had all the stain on and smoothed out. It looked great!

Friday and Saturday
Kenny applied the first coat of polyurethane Friday afternoon and we stayed the night at Hargrave's house (Andrea's parents). We came over Saturday morning and sanded and washed the floor before applying the second coat of polyurethane. Saturday afternoon we put on the third and last coat. Then we stayed the night at Kartchners (Kenny's parents). Sunday after conference we came home and put our kitchen back together. The floor looks awesome!! We love it.

Our almost finished kitchen. It still needs upper cabinets and a pantry door, but we love it so far.


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T K Barlow said...

It looks awesome you guys. Congratulations! Thanks for the pictures.

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Goodricks said...

Looks grrrrrrrrrrrreat!!! Good job!

Christine said...

WOW! love it! You did an amazing job!