Sunday, June 22, 2008

16th Grandchild

Here is our new addition. Sophia Kartchner, aka Sophie until about the age of 16. On Thursday, June 19th Wendy was kind enough to labor at home by herself (Chloe was great help) until I finnished up work. Wendy's sister Allie came over at about 5:30, then we were off to the hostital by 7pm. This was one time I felt justified in speeding, even though I took time for a shower at home. We checked in and labored for a bit longer thinking about an epidural, then the Dr.

came in broker her water and things went fast after that and no time for an epidural. Wendy did amazing. Sophia was born at 10:36 pm. She said afterwords that natural birth is over rated and next time, pending our sanity, an epidural is the way to go. Chloe Loves to kiss her bunch and adore her.


Lacey Harris said...

Hey Taylor and Wendy,

Congratulations! Another beautiful little girl. Way to go Wendy, what a trooper. Thanks for sharing the blog post. I was wondering how everything went.

The Mitchell Family said...

Congrats Taylor and Wendy!