Monday, June 30, 2008

Katelynn stuffing her 1-year old face so she can go back to playing in her sandbox

We bought this tub and filled it with sand so Katelynn actually has a place to sit and play. She loved it. Notice all the attention she is getting. Below Katelynn is cuddling up with the bunny a friend gave her. The Chinese love stuffed animals and that is what every one of them gave her. She always grabs the stuffed animals at the market, so she is happy to have her own now. On the left is the van we cruise around in. A nice little ride although it doesn't go too fast and it sounds as if it will explode at any minute. The last picture is of a "water cow". We have yet to figure out it's purpose in life other than sloshing around in knee deep water. We will have to do some more research.

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Anonymous said...

love some pics of her with her legs up like that but no diaper her pussy must be adorable