Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The great flood. That is a road under that bridge
that you are looking at. That water is probably
15' deep.

This is Cami's new swing...and apparently Katelynn's new jungle gym.

This is Katelynn fitting into this tiny bowl that
she pulled out of the cubboard.

This here is a place we went to in Shanghai for the
20th year anniversary of the Shanghai Branch.
This bouncy place was so much fun, you could jump
just as high if not higher than a trampoline on the top of the mounds. In my
opinion it was better than a trampoline because once you
were jumping as high as you wanted, you could launch
off the top into the air in any direction and land just fine. Supermans,
or Grannies off the top were great fun, just to launch out
and roll into a flip. Other cool stuff at the park like that big
tree house, and giant outdoor little kid water park. FUN!

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